In order to race in the MCCNI you need:

a bike. Well obviously you need a bike but it must meet the requirements of the grade you intend to ride in and be of a satisfactory condition.

rider protection. You must have a helmet , boots and hard plastic body armour which meet the requirements of the scrutineer. We also recommend gloves and goggles

a racing licence. day licences are available at most of our events.

sign-on and pay the signing-on fee which is £28 for for adult classes, and £15 for children on Cadets (50cc Autos), 65cc – senior class £23.

be accompanied by someone who can act as marshal for at least one racing session.

you must know what the flags mean and respond to them in the correct manner.

Racing Licence

An MCCNI racing licence can be applied for annually or on a race-by-race basis. The MCCNI Licence is made up in 2 parts £35 of your fee goes towards insurance for the year. And £15 pounds is your club membership fee which is the same for both adults and juniors ( Total £50 ) per year. However if you have more than 1 family member who races in the club you will still only pay £15 ie Family membership £15.

Riders who wish to race on day licence have to pay £28 pounds for Youth & £33 pounds for Adults ( Day Licence & Entry ). To gain a day licence you MUST have a MRA or equivalent race licence. If you do not have a licence with another club then you can get a day licence at the cost of £10 plus your entry fee. To be eligible for points for championships you will be required to obtain a MCCNI Licence.