How to get started

We are a simple family friendly club, open to riders of all ability and ages.
Our main goal is that our riders have fun safe racing that makes them want to keep coming back for more.
We understand it may be daunting making the jump from practicing or riding around a field so this is a simple guide to help.
What you will need;
A bike that is suitable for your class (check the grading page if not sure) it must be of a satisfactory condition.

A helmet, we recommend with the ACU gold stamp on it. must have no holes or cracks and must be buckled at all times on the track.

A hard plastic body armour which protects both chest and back.

A pair of Motocross specific boots.

A Long sleeve top and trousers, we also recommend Gloves and goggles.

A license, this covers your insurance in the case of an accident. You can take one for just a day or join the club for the year. If you join the club for the year it is better value and you can compete for championships run by our club as well as our affiliated clubs.

What to do;
Check our Facebook page or the events page on this site and turn up to an event. You don’t have to put in an entry form and we can sort you out with any forms etc at signing on.

Sign on at the beginning of each day racing, this is so we can tell who is out on the track and so that we can pass on details to the insurance company.

Practice, everyone must have at least one lap of practice on a bike before they can race it. If your bike develops a fault and you borrow a diffeent one, go to the clerk of the course and get a practice lap before your race.

Race, make sure you are on the line in time for your race, we can’t wait for anyone because we can be running up to 30 races on any one day.

Have fun, it’s the whole point of the club, make friends, talk to other riders and officials around the paddock, everyone is there for fun and the vast majority of the club will have time to make you feel very welcome.